COJO Diving

COJO Diving is based in Lincoln, New Brunswick and organizes SCUBA diving activities and events throughout the region.  The company provides courses for all levels of diving, safety training, rental equipment, air fills (also Nitrox and Trimix), equipment sales, and is active in the ocean protection movement.  

COJO Diving offers Introductory Dive Programs for ages 8 years and up.  Programs are available year round at swimming pools throughout the region.  Introductory programs are also offered at controlled open water sites seasonably.

COJO Diving offers Guided Diving for qualified SCUBA divers interested to see the underwater beauty of the Bay of Fundy.  In particular, the marine life on Deer Island is spectacular and is an underwater photographer's dream! 

Guided dives are available year round and provide a range of opportunities for divers of all skill levels. Dives will be catered to your group's particular interests. Educational dives can be combined with guided dives to provide skills, refreshment, advanced diving certification, or specialties such as night diving, drift diving, nitro and photography.  On many dives you can see wolf fish, spiny lumpsucker, anemones, nudibranchs, starfish and lump fish. Occasionally spiny dogfish visit on the dives, or stunning bright yellow or red sea ravens!

*Due to the extreme tidal range of Deer Island, there are specific times to safely dive specific sites and it is strongly discouraged for a diver who is new to the area to attempt a dive without an experienced guide.



158 Garden Grove Road
Lincoln, NB