The Christopher Group, LLC

The Christopher Group, LLC operates from the Canadian border in Lubec to the Western Blue Hill Peninsula, an expansive territory of 2000+ miles of coastline.

Our technology allows us full access to all company documents and files anywhere in our market area, 24/7. While providing efficiency, and cost savings, we have hands on access to all relevant information in the most remote areas of the state.

With such a wide and diverse area, specialization is a must. We position expert agents, many with years of Maine experience, throughout our market area. Each is supervised by a senior partner of the firm.

No matter where your real estate dream lies, you can be assured that the Christopher Group, LLC will offer the insight and expertise to guide you. In a state with such a wide variation in pricing, terrain, and social custom, your best asset in property transactions is a dedicated real estate “guide” focused, attentive, with specific and dedicated expertise in their chosen market.

We look forward to assisting you whether buying or selling!