Map of Maine's lighthouses from Swans Island to Lubec

Map of Maine's lighthouses from Swans Island to Lubec

New Brunswick lighthouses from Grand Manan to Saint John.

New Brunswick lighthouses from Grand Manan to Saint John.

South Coast and Passamaquoddy Bay Lighthouses (New Brunswick)

Point Lepreau 1959 (station established 1831)  

The lighthouse marks one of the most prominent points on the Bay of Fundy coastline. The original lighthouse burned in January 1898, and its replacement, an octagonal wood tower, also burned after being struck by lightning in December 1958. Located on the grounds of the Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station. Site and tower closed. Owner: Canadian Coast Guard. Site manager: New Brunswick Power. 

Lighthouse Point (Drews Head, Beaver Harbour) 1984 (station established 1875) 

Sibling of Cape Spencer Light (above). Bash's photo is at right, Lighthouse Digest has Michel Forand's photo, Jeremy Cline has a photo, and Google has a satellite view. The original lighthouse was replaced by a skeletal tower in the late 1960s. Located beyond the end of Lighthouse Road, off Main Street in Beaver Harbour; accessible by a walk of about 800 m (1/2 mi) round trip. Limited parking. Site open, tower closed. Owner/site manager: Canadian Coast Guard. 

Pea Point 1965 (station established 1878) 

Located on a small island near the Grand Manan Island ferry terminal near Black's Harbour. Although it is possible to walk to the lighthouse at low tide, treacherous footing and rapidly changing tides make this hazardous. Site and tower closed. Owner/site manager: Canadian Coast Guard.

Southwest Wolf Island 1982 (station established 1871)

Located on the southern tip of the island in the Wolf Islands off the mouth of Passamaquoddy Bay. Accessible only by boat; visible distantly from the Grand Manan ferry and from Head Harbour Light on Campobello Island (see below). Site open, tower closed. Owner/site manager: Canadian Coast Guard. 

Bliss Island 1964 (station established 1871)

Located on the southwest point of the island in the entrance to Bliss Harbour. Accessible only by boat. Site open, tower closed. Owner/site manager: Canadian Coast Guard. 

L'Etete Passage (Green's Point) 1903 (fog signal station established 1879)

Inactive since 1999 (fog signal remains active). The station guards the passage between Deer Island and the mainland. The keeper's house is now a museum displaying items of lighthouse and local maritime history. The nearby 1-story Coast Guard monitoring station is available for vacation rental. In July 2008, the Coast Guard transferred ownership of the lighthouse to the Green's Point Light Association. Located on the point, a peninsula connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus near the Deer Island ferry terminal in L'Etete. Site open, museum open daily in July and August, tower closed. Owner/site manager:Greens Point Light Association. 

St. Andrews (Pendlebury) 1833

Inactive since 1938.  As of early 2002 this historic and long-abandoned lighthouse was in poor condition, as was the seawall that supported it. The lantern had been removed many years before, and the tower carried a red cap. The lighthouse ranked #1 on the former NBLHS Endangered List. In July 2002 the St. Andrews Civic Trust relocated the tower about 15 m (50 ft) from the seawall so that it could be restored. Eventually the seawall was to be repaired and the restored lighthouse returned to its original location, possibly to be relit. The restoration was completed with the installation of a replica lantern in October 2011. Located at the end of Patrick Street in St. Andrews, adjacent to a restaurant. Site open, tower closed. Owner: St. Andrews Civic Trust. Site manager: Town of St. Andrews. 

Down East Maine Lighthouses

  1. Heron Neck 1854 - 22-foot white cylindrical tower. Green Island, Vinalhaven, ferry from Rockland
  2. Brown's Head 1832/1857 - 24-foot white brick cylindrical tower. Fox Islands Thorofare, Vinalhaven, ferry from Rockland.
  3. Goose Rocks 1890 - 51-foot white cast-iron conical tower. Fox Island Thorofare, between North Haven and Vinalhaven, via ferry
  4. Saddleback Ledge 1839 - 42-foot gray granite conical tower. Between Isle au Haut and Vinalhaven, via ferry
  5. Matinicus Rock 1827/1857 - Two 48-foot gray granite cylindrical towers, 5 miles southeast of Matinicus Island
  6. Fort Point 1836/1857 - 26-foot white square tower. Penobscot River mouth, east end of Cape Jellison, view end of Fort Point Road, off Route 1, Stockton Springs.
  7. Dyce Head 1829 - 45-foot white conical granite and fieldstone tower, privately owned, Castine Harbor entrance, view end of Lighthouse Road, Castine.
  8. Isle au Haut 1907 - 48-foot white cylindrical brick tower with footbridge to shore. Robinson Point, Isle au Haut via ferry.
  9. Mark Island 1857 - 26-foot white square tower, west entrance to Deer Island Thorofare, Stonington
  10. Eagle Island 1839/1858 - 28-foot conical tower, East Penobscot Bay, Deer Isle
  11. Pumpkin Island 1854 - 25-foot white conical stone tower, privately owned.West end of Eggemoggin Reach, view end of Eggemoggin Road, off Route 15, Little Deer Isle
  12. Blue Hill Bay 1856 - 22-foot white cylindrical tower, Green Island, Brooklin, inactive; west side of Blue Hill Bay.
  13. Burnt Coat Harbor 1872 - 33-foot white square tower. Hockamock Head, Swan's Island, view from ferry from Bass Harbor.
  14. Bass Harbor Head 1858 - 26-foot white cylindrical tower. Southern end of Mount Desert Island, view end of Lighthouse Road off Route 102A, Bass Harbor.
  15. Bear Island 1839/1889 - 25-foot white cylindrical tower. Northeast Harbor entrance, Cranberry Isles
  16. Baker Island 1828/1855 - 43-foot white stone cylindrical tower, center of island. Cranberry Isles, entrance to Northeast Harbor. Pictured Left
  17. Great Duck Island 1890 - 42-foot white cylindrical tower. 19 miles off Cranberry Isles, east side of entrance to Blue Hill Bay, Frenchboro. One of Maine's furthest out to sea light houses. Viewed only by boat ride on calm clear days. Pictured right.
  18. Egg Rock 1875 - 40-foot white square tower atop dwelling. Frenchman's Bay entrance, Bar Harbor, view from Park Loop Road, Bar Harbor.
  19. Mount Desert Rock 1830 - 58-foot gray granite conical tower. 18 miles southeast of Mount Desert IslandWinter Harbor 1856 - 19-foot white cylindrical tower, privately owned. Mark Island, west side of entrance to Winter Harbor. Best viewed by boat. View from land from Schoodic Point Loop Road.
  20. Prospect Harbor Point 1850/1891 - Prospect Harbor entrance, view Route 186, Gouldsboro.
  21. Narraguagus (Pond Island) 1853 - 55-foot white stone cylindrical tower, privately owned. Pond Island, Millbridge, west side entrance to Narraguagus Bay.
  22. West Quoddy Head Light 1808/1858 - Authorized for construction by Thomas Jefferson. 49' red-and-white horizontally banded brick conical tower. Westside entrance, St. Croix River and Cobscook Bay, view end of South Lubec Road, off Route 189, Lubec. Located in Quoddy Head State Park.