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Historic Sites in Hancock & Washington Counties, Maine and in Charlotte County, New Brunswick

Downeast Railroad

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The mission of the Trust is to celebrate and preserve the railroad history of Downeast Maine. Our immediate and primary goal is to develop the Downeast Scenic Railroad for the education, enlightenment and enjoyment of future generations.

“There are very few heritage railroad projects—new or existing—which have the strengths and potential that the Downeast Scenic Railroad has.” John Hankey, Former Curator, B & O Railroad Museum, Baltimore, Maryland


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With 65 historical lighthouses still standing and spread out along 5,000 miles of coastline, inlets and islands, Maine is commonly referred to as The Lighthouse State. These lighthouses have acted as beacons of light for sailors for hundreds of years, guiding sailors and fishermen safely in to harbors along the rocky Maine coastline. Today, lighthouses are an important part of Maine's history and are popular tourist attractions. Although many Maine lighthouses are not accessible on land, lighthouse boat tours are an ideal way to see these attractions and get the best photographs. Some Lighthouses have museums on their oceanfront grounds that offer insight to the Light's rich history of lighthouse keeping, while other Lighthouses are now quaint inns or part of large state park grounds.



Covered Bridges

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New Brunswick has 60 covered bridges of which 56 are maintained by the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Of the 4 bridges that are not maintained by DTI , 2 covered bridges are located at Fundy National Park and are maintained by Public Works and Government Services Canada, the other covered bridges are located at Magnetic Hill and Turtle Creek and are maintained by the City of Moncton.