Diving in New Brunswick - Deer Island

If you are a qualified SCUBA diver and are interested in seeing the underwater beauty of the Bay of Fundy, why not participate in a guided dive of the best sites? The marine life at Deer Island in particular, is spectacular and an underwater photographer's dream.

Guided dives are available year round and provide a range of opportunities for divers of all skill levels. On many dives you can see wolf fish, spiny lumpsucker, anemone, nudibranch, starfish and lump fish. Occasionally spiny dogfish visit on the dives, or stunning bright yellow or red sea ravens!

*Due to the extreme tidal range of Deer Island, there are specific times to safely dive specific sites and it is strongly discouraged for a diver who is new to the area to attempt a dive without an experienced guide.

COJO Diving team

COJO Diving is based in Lincoln, New Brunswick and organizes SCUBA diving activities and events throughout the region.  The company provides courses for all levels of diving, safety training, rental equipment, air fills (also Nitrox and Trimix), equipment sales, and is active in the ocean protection movement.  

Diving in Maine

Unlike tropical seas, the cool Atlantic teems with life. In a typical dive, you may see rock crabs or green crabs, starfish, sea urchins, sand dollars, periwinkles, sea cucumbers, nutrient-rich sea lettuce, Irish moss, kelp, an occasional small fish or flounder, and even a lobster or two (sorry, it's illegal to take them home).

Most marine life is found at 20-30 ft., so you can sightsee for quite a while on a tank of air. If you've only dived in the Caribbean, be prepared for less visibility and colder temperatures here. That's the way the inhabitants like it.

Surfing in Maine

Maine is well-known as a user-friendly surfing destination, with many miles of easily accessible sandy beaches. From Long Sands Beach in York, to the legendary Ogunquit Beach, to the beaches of Wells, Kennebunk, Old Orchard Beach and Portland, you’ll find great surfing waves and very likely the company of other surfers.

Stand-up paddle boards are the new twist to the sport of surfing. They are bigger, thicker and wider than a regular surfboard, making them more buoyant. Stand-up paddle boards are another great way to explore both the state's ocean waves and inland lakes.

If you're an experienced surfer, you only need to grab your wetsuit and surfboard or paddleboard and go. If you're an inexperienced surfer, you can check in with a surf shop and arrange for a lesson from a professional who will guide you through the fundamentals, alert you to the potential hazards, get you properly equipped, and get you out enjoying the waves in just a few hours' time. Maine’s surf shops are also a great source of information and advice about surfing spots and weather conditions, which aren’t always cooperative.