Three well-respected artists on Deer Island in New Brunswick have banded together to create Deer Island Artists to promote the artistic identity of the island and widen their reach.

Patty Pendleton, Crow on My Shoulder

What does the art say ?

For Patty, art is a translation of a palpable vibration or energy that is inherent in the rocks, the trees and especially in the human face and interpersonal relationships. She works in a variety of media, with a free style and a flourish of colour. Her subject matter is eclectic, but reflective of the Bay of Fundy and the deep beauty of the land and the intensity of that beauty.

Les Rolston, Six-Acre Studio

Hard-edged realistic water colour and acrylic paintings. Open most days. Drop-ins welcome. 

Tel: 506-747-1188


Jerome Andrews, Jerome Andrews Gallery & Studio

Art emerges from the artist's deepest creative self. It must include, but transcends, good technique. My work describes, through my realistic landscapes, simplicity of life that exists both in reality( sometimes) and in longing. At the other end of the spectrum, my abstract work reflects the complex and unresolved mysteries that continue to baffle human beings.