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We offer a variety of different options for increasing your visibility in the Fundy-Acadia Region. (See Location map.)

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Slide Options

Local Slides

Local slides are shown only in specific areas, either in towns or visitor centers, and feature only businesses from the region.  The maximum number of slides per local location is 50, which translates into 10 exposures per hour at 7 seconds each.  As of this writing, this option is only available in Eastport, Maine and is limited to members of the Eastport Area Chamber of Commerce.  There are currently three locations being planned within Eastport.

Regional Slides

Slides are shown on 38" to 60" media screens located in high-traffic areas, including: visitor information centers, chamber of commerce offices, restaurants, hotels and attractions.  Locations range from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada to the northeastern coast of Maine, USA.  Each slide is shown for 7 seconds and can include from 1 to 4 high-resolution images, with each slide presented about 4 times an hour, from opening to closing, every open day.  For year-round locations open from 9 to 5, a single slide would be shown a minimum of 11,000 times per year, more in locations open more hours per day.

Web Options

The Fundy-Acadia website is designed to give your company maximum exposure while also drawing in visitors needing more general information.  (Site Map)  We offer slide/web packages as well as a stand-alone web presence.  We optimize each page for search engines and provide regular updates for clients at no additional charge.

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